Number One in Law Enforcement Tow Systems


“People don’t equate solving traffic efficiency issues with fighting crime, but the fact is the traffic division is funded from the same budget as the crime units, when you save a dollar in traffic enforcement you allow that same dollar to be spent to fight crime.”

- Brad Gates, O.C. Sheriff-Retired

“After implementing DTS we were able to considerably reduce the manual workload and tracking of fees. We can now do in one week what was taking us 14-21 days to complete manually.”

- Anna Deavila, Administrative Assistant


Improve tow response time, increase contractor compliance and streamline departmental business processes.

Millions of tow requests are made every year by law enforcement agencies placing a significant burden on valuable time, personnel, and data management resources. Dealing with an increasing number of impounded and towed vehicles using manual systems for tracking, communications and revenue recovery has become a substantial challenge for law enforcement agencies.

DTS’ Law Enforcement Tow System (LETS) allows law enforcement to quickly and accurately select a tow company, route service requests, track vehicles, and collect fees for towed and impounded vehicles. DTS also provides the means for law enforcement to be electronically interconnected to its tow providers, so that a large number of tows can be managed efficiently. DTS is the first to deliver online tracking systems that manage the entire towing and impounding process.

LETS Key Benefits
100% Tow Contractor Oversight
Automated CAD/MDT/RMS Integration
Streamlined Billing and Collections
Automated Tow Dispatch
Customized Agency Letters
Complete Audit Trail of Tow Activity
Improved Data Accuracy
Integration with Tom Tom Telematics
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