Our History


Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (DTS) was the first company to deliver a web-based dispatch and tracking system that manages the entire towing and impounding process. This product for law enforcement agencies and the towing industry required several years and over 10 million dollars of initial investment.

The company’s history began with a leading systems integration company called GDI Inc., which was founded in 1991. GDI developed enterprise business applications for many industries with clientele such as Xerox, Fujitsu, McDonnell Douglas, Computer Science Corporation, Fox Broadcasting, Earthlink, and Ingram Micro.

GDI acquired a series of software companies in 1998 that had solutions for tow companies. These software companies were combined and called eTrak. With GDI’s software development experience, the acquired tow industry experience and Sheriff Brad Gates’ 40 years of law enforcement experience, eTrak began to formulate a vision for a towing and impounding product for law enforcement agencies. A first generation product was launched at San Diego Police Department in January of 1997. Based on this success, a second-generation web-based product was designed and completed for law enforcement agencies to provide them with real-time information to dispatch, track, bill, report and manage towing activities.

This vision became a reality in 2001, as this second-generation web-based towing product was ready to go to market. A new entity called Dispatch & Tracking Solutions, LLC (DTS) was created to market, distribute, and service exclusively to law enforcement agencies.

DTS now has successfully implemented the towing management solution with various city, county, and state agencies across the United States.

Compiled Logic Corporation was formed in 2004 for the purpose of designing and deploying a software solution to better manage the non-consent towing lifecycle. Utilizing a single common database and deployed in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business model, C:Logic brought together storage lot operators and law enforcement agencies with a real-time repository with common access so that a law enforcement agency or a vehicle operator could locate a towed vehicle regardless of who authorized the tow or where it was towed. The solution was C:Logic’s Vehicle Information-sharing and Notification System (VINS).

Over the ensuing six years C:Logic continued to enhance and extend its VINS platform while deploying into a variety of communities throughout the United States. In 2008 C:Logic determined that DTS represented a complementary business model and completed the purchase of DTS in May of that year.

In August of 2010, the assets of C:Logic and DTS were acquired by Sameis Holdings LLC as a single entity operating under the DTS name. At that time, Morgan Hill was appointed Managing Director. The objective was to realize the plan of bringing two complimentary solutions into a single brand and product line.

A significant benefit of the DTS solutions is that they don’t require any capital investment or recurring expense on the part of the public entity, law enforcement community or tow/storage lot operator. Using a best practices approach, revenue is typically generated on a per transaction basis with a small user fee paid by the registered owner or insurance company at the time of release.

Over the past 20 years the DTS team has evolved into subject matter experts on issues related to non-consent towing. Throughout the United States, DTS has worked with hundreds of local law enforcement agencies, state and local governments and hundreds of tow providers to provide standardization, accountability, and efficiencies, allowing government and law enforcement staff to no longer worry about and spend time on towing. DTS has assisted local and state legislators in enacting legislation and revising existing legislation to align the non-consent towing processes, practices and methods consistent with both current technologies and the best practices DTS has identified.

DTS provides the complete compliment of tow dispatch and management options. In addition to LETS and VINS, DTS offers:

Tow Management System (TMS), a fully-integrated tow provider management system;

Multi Dispatch System (MDS), a dispatch and cost-management product for multiple locations or answering service;

eORS, an ownership, lien holder look-up service;

LTRS, a cost effective and fully-integrated notification system for registered owners and lien holders.

Tow Dispatch Center (TDC), a dispatch center staffed with DTS experts;

Call Center Reporting Service (CCRS), an answering service offering a single number through which to report non-consensual tows; and

Insurance Tow Service (ITS), a powerful dispatch service and web hosted application focused on automating the process of tracking summons, tow requests, and fees, together with the oversight and management of these functions for insurance providers and law enforcement.



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“We implemented new software (LETS/TMS) that will allow us from the minute the officer calls for the tow to start tracking that vehicle."

"Drivers can also log onto to find their vehicle."

Captain Andrew Hall
Fresno, CA


Our Mission
To be the leader in tow dispatch, management, and tracking services for law enforcement, state/local government, tow providers, and other stakeholders in the tow lifecycle by working with the contracted tow providers selected by a local agency or providing a network of local tow providers.