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"Dispatch and Tracking Solutions (DTS) service options include web-based software, a third-party tow dispatch and answering service, automatic notification service to owners and lien holders (mail and email), public portal at www.TowedCar.com, and more at no cost to the agency. LETS (Law Enforcement Tow System), the backbone of all the DTS services, is a powerful, web-hosted application focused on automating the way agencies summon, oversee, audit, and manage tow requests and invoices."

The Police Chief
May 2015 issue


The DTS Software Service and Dispatch Center options offer seamless integration with all stakeholders.
Using solutions from DTS, state/local government, law enforcement, tow providers, insurance, finance, and drivers are interconnected through an online system that manages and tracks the towing and impounding lifecycle - start to finish.


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Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (DTS) provides towing dispatch, management, and tracking services to law enforcement, state/local government, tow providers, and other stakeholders at no cost to the agency and has provided this for over 20 years. Service options include: web-based software (for tracking, management, and dispatch), automated notification to owners, lien holders, and insurance via the mail and email, www.FindMyTow.com and www.TowedCar.com, and a tow dispatch center staffed with DTS experts. DTS can work with contracted tow providers selected by the agency or can provide a network of local tow providers if desired. Benefits include standardization, accountability, efficiencies, and staff no longer having to worry about towing. Service options are used with both law enforcement initiated and private property trespass towing.


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